WARD_III_cocktails_Wagtouicz_20Welcome to Ward III – a great bar in the greatest city in the world.

We don’t care where you’re from, what you wear, who you’re kissing, or what you drink, we only care about showing you a great time.

We believe in conversation amongst our guests. Say ‘Hello’ to your neighbor and leave politics and religion at the door, along with bad manners.

We believe in dancing. We believe in singing when the moment calls for it. We believe in sharing. Hell, we might even buy you a drink or two. If you are in the industry, let us know, we love meeting fellow barflies.

We believe in taking care of one another. Everyone is welcome in our house – so please, respect it.

We believe in love because it’s what makes the world go ‘round and we believe in booze because it makes the world go ‘round…twice as fast.

We believe in the underdog, we welcome the lonely, we cherish our neighborhood and our neighbors and we take pride in our bold city.

We believe everyone deserves a great bar to visit and that a great bar means more good times. Order yourself something grand and let’s let the good times roll!